Thursday, February 26, 2009

Comparing a Honda GX (CNG) to a LX (gasoline)

Doing some math with MSRP’s and destination charge ($670) on the Honda Civic GX and LX.

- $4,000 (Federal tax credit)
- $3,415 (OK tax credit)
= $18,345


So the GX is about $600 cheaper than the LX after tax credits on an MSRP basis.

Edmund’s TMV shows that the LX is selling for 92% of MSRP while the GX is selling at 98% of MSRP:

= $17,945


So the GX is about $500 higher than the LX after tax credits on an Edmund’s TMV basis.

As far as the feature difference between an LX and a GX – no back speakers, 113 hp instead of 140 hp, 15” wheels instead of 16”, and a smaller trunk with no pass thru capability, and finally, a range of 200 mi instead of 350 miles.

But with the GX, you save $0.60/gallon. At 15,000 miles/year and 30 mpg, that’s $300 annually.

So the tradeoff is $300/year savings with less hp, smaller trunk, and more fillups at hard to find stations.

I can see why the CNG vehicles are most suitable for home-based fleet applications. That application increases the savings per year because the annual mileage is higher and the fillups are easy.

Increased range is the reason that I’m looking at the Impala conversion with I will be able to use the CNG car in lieu of our 04 Honda Pilot for trips to Branson (with a fillup in Miami) and Neosho (w/o a fillup) and McPherson, KS (w/ a fillup in Ponca City) and maybe.... Taos. :)

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