Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Visit with Tom Sewell of Tulsa Gas Tech today

Met with Tom today for the first time. Tom is the owner of Tulsa Gas Technologies that has been in the CNG biz for many years, mainly as a supplier of CNG tank filling equipment. He has recently started installing Natural Drive conversions in 2008 Impalas. See the pics to view an Impala that is currently being converted in his shop.

This conversion differs slightly from the current Natural Drive conversion in that two larger tanks were used in the trunk instead of four smaller diameter tanks. The high pressure regulator is under the car with one additional tank. The tank and regulator under the car were placed in the area where the original gasoline tank was located and will be protected by a custom made shield. The original stainless steel fuel lines were used. The injectors and fuel rail are replaced.

Click here to view a CNGchat session discussing the EPA certification process for the 2008 Impala.

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