Saturday, January 2, 2010

Filling up in the snow at ONG's Okmulgee site

Filling up at ONG's Okmulgee site - very convenient as it is right next to Hwy 75 on the south side of town.  That's Hwy 75 on the left side of the picture - looking south.  Got almost 3,600 psig in the Civic CNG tank - this is the last Oklahoma CNG station when traveling south to Dallas on Hwy 75/69.  I'm going to see how many miles I can get on this tank to see if I can make the drive to Dallas on this route - it's 211 miles from this Okmulgee station to Clean Energy's Garland station.

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  1. Driving around Tulsa I got up to 186 miles on that Okmulgee fill before I felt that to drive any further would risk running out of fuel. While the fuel mileage should be higher if I was driving south on 75/69 to Dallas from Okmulgee... I'm still not willing to chance it yet. I need to drive to OKC on the turnpike and see what kind of range/gas mileage I get on the highway.