Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tulsa World's 2/7/10 coverage of CNG

Examining the caveats of CNG and Only Natural are the two Tulsa World articles.  I have a couple of comments about some information shared in the articles.
"The biggest challenge is infrastructure not only in the state but throughout the U.S.," Chris Hoffman, Oklahoma State University's manager of transportation services, said. "And there's going to be a payback on fuel costs, but not a total payback." 
As readers of this blog know, I paid less for the CNG-powered 2010 Honda Civic GX after federal and state tax credits than it would have cost me to buy a gasoline-powered 2010 Honda Civic LX.  And, of course, the fuel is $1.00 per gallon cheaper...

And then there's the filling-up part. Some companies may make kits to take natural gas straight from the home meter, but the process reportedly is slow. And getting to the station is hardly like pulling into the local QuikTrip. CNG stations are spread out, unmanned and require a credit card.
As I've shared in this blog, there are multiple, convenient locations to fuel with CNG in Oklahoma. The process is faster than fueling with gasoline. See all available CNG fueling locations at

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