Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Battery powered cars may be available soon.... the Nissan Leaf

$99 deposits can be placed on the Nissan Leaf later today if you have pre-registered on Nissan's Leaf website. Just talked to Bob Howard in OKC - they are certified to sell the car.

Why is this so exciting?
  • 100 miles per charge
  • Less then $20,000 to purchase after federal and Oklahoma income tax credits (while Oklahoma previously allowed a tax credit equal 50% of the electric car purchase price, that credit will now be limited to the amount of the federal tax credit.  However, the amount of OK tax credit is very much in question - see this blog article from April 8.)
  • No gasoline, therefore no crude oil required
  • The fuel source can now be anything that produces electricity - wind, solar, natural gas, coal, nuclear.
I'm planning to use the car to offset the Honda Pilot use around town.  Will keep the Honda pilot for use on trips.

The first cars are to ship in December this year.

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