Saturday, May 22, 2010

A new CNG station in Ada, OK & the Green American Road Trip

The Chickasaw nation just opened a CNG station in Ada, OK.  I don't get to Ada very often... I'm still waiting on a station to open in Durant, OK or Paris, TX so I can easily make a trip to Dallas without going down I-35.

Also, been tracking Castlen Kennedy's trip with a dedicated CNG Tahoe.  She just almost ran out of fuel between Baton Rouge and Florida due to a 3 hour delay in Baton Rouge traffic.  This sure highlights the need for more fueling stations.  Also, once Castlen arrived at the station in Milton, FL it was closed... that's strange because all the stations I fuel at in Oklahoma are unmanned and open 24/7.  I never have a problem getting fuel all hours of the day.

Here's a map of Castlen's planned route from Austin to Boston:

View Green American Road Trip Fueling Stations in a larger map

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  1. Apparently Castlin's issue in Milton, FL was that a special card is needed to fillup 24/7 (like TGT's station at 51st & Mingo). There's more about it at CNG Chat -