Saturday, March 12, 2011

The crude oil to natural gas spread keeps growing....

Gasoline is now $3.35/gallon, while CNG is either $1.40 or $0.75 per gge.  The Honda Civic GX is performing excellent - it has 23k miles on it now and has had two oil changes and a fuel filter change per Honda recommended maintenance schedule.  Tulsa Gas Technologies CNG station at their office has proven to be the most reliable station, but it's still nice to have all the ONG locations to enable more trips away from Tulsa.  Just got 220 miles on one fill using TGT's station.

We are now looking to replace our 2004 Honda Pilot with a 2010 Yukon or Tahoe, converted by either CleanFuel in Shawnee or OEM Systems (Carter Chevrolet) in Okarche.  Bi-fuel is required since we use this vehicle to travel into Missouri and Louisiana and Texas.  Additionally, the federal tax credit for dedicated CNG conversions lapsed at the end of 2010, so there's no economic incentive to do a dedicated conversion.  Oklahoma's 50% of the conversion cost tax credit is still active, dropping the conversion cost to less than $6,000.  My calculations show that at 20k annual miles, 15 mpg, and >$3 gasoline the conversion should pay off in 18 months.

Still have the reservation for a Nissan Leaf, but they won't be available in Oklahoma until next year.  Also, the Leaf didn't get great reviews for cold weather driving.  I think I'll still lease one when they finally are available, but for Oklahoma the Honda Civic GX is actually a much better choice since there are so many CNG fueling stations available.

Finally, the home garage mounted Phill is back on the market from Impco.  OEM Systems in Okarche has them in stock.  Thinking seriously about getting one installed when we get the bi-fuel Tahoe.

So, don't fret about gasoline prices if you live in Oklahoma, just call your local Honda dealer and ask for the Civic GX.  Or check out all the vehicles that OEM Systems or CleanFuels or Tulsa Gas Technologies can convert.  Or search the Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa Craigslists for "CNG".  You don't have to put up with gasoline prices driven by the latest doomsday scenario that the media cooks up.