Friday, April 15, 2011

Breakeven analysis on a Honda Civic GX for Oklahoma

$7,000 more for the GX over the equivalent gasoline LX.

-50% or $3,500 from Oklahoma state income tax CREDIT, not deduction.

$3,500 out of your pocket.

Now for the fuel savings,

$3.50 gasoline vs $1.40 CNG - $2.10 savings per gallon.

35 mpg for both LX and GX.

$3,500 / $2.10 = 1,666 gallons x 35 mpg = 59,000 miles.

I'm glad I bought my Civic when the federal government was handing out $4,000 fed income tax credits.  I have been saving money since I drove it off the Joe Marina lot in late 2009.  You want the fed credit back? Write your congressman to support the NAT GAS act.

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