Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rebutting critics of Nat Gas Act - HR 1380

Some critics argue against subsidies for budget reasons - and they should.  Other critics claim "fracking" will destroy American water supplies - that claim is disingenuous, because it blindly ignores the environmental harm of the incumbent fuel - gasoline.

Regarding the subsidy argument, ask your congressman why the US went into Iraq, twice. Why are we in Libya?  What justification is there for these costs?  I say that it's oil security.  Why are these military costs not considered a "subsidy" for crude oil?

CNG works.  As this blog shows, I've been driving a Honda Civic GX for 18 months and 28,000 miles in Oklahoma.  Infrastructure?  Most of it's already there - most gasoline stations have a natural gas meter connected to the store!  All it takes is a compressor to get the natural gas from that existing meter into my car!  No gasoline tankers twice a day, no refinery, no tank farm, no crude oil hauled from the Middle East.

Regarding "fracking", which sounds more environmentally risky?  Crude oil and gasoline shipped around the world in a bunch of buckets or a complete closed system that flows pressurized fuel from 8,000 ft underground to the injectors in my car?  Please consider that big picture when you are claiming that "fracking" is killing babies while you fuel your car with $3.40/gal gasoline.

Another question to consider - who benefits from the $1.39/gal paid for CNG fuel?  Tracing back from the station - the American station owner and the American workers that built it, the American pipeline company and the American workers that built it, the American producer and the American driller who drilled the well, and finally, the American mineral owner who gets over 10% over the proceeds in royalty checks.  If you follow the money on gasoline, you'll find yourself outside America real soon...


  1. thanks Craig, we need more people like you on our side.

  2. I concur with you Craig. Divide the cost of the war in Iraq, Kuwait, our involvement in Libya, and our military presence in the Persian Gulf by every gallon of diesel and gasoline and that is the real price of petroleum. How do we value the lives lost??? Nat Gas gets us to a place where our energy dollars generate economic benefits for America, and they reduce the cost of being the world's police force which in turn moves just toward a balanced budget.

  3. This is an excellent letter. It is time for America to declare its independence from OPEC!! Keep writing and talking. Write to the ACU; American Conserevative Umion. They are liars and fear mongers. They support OPEC over the American people. It is time!

    You can e-mail every Senator. All their e-mail addresses may be found at

  4. I've driven my Honda GX CNG car for four years in SoCal and love it. Good mileage - at least 25 in town and over 30 on the road. Reasons for purchase: natural gas = domestic product; clean burning; price per equivalent gallon; and there was a federal tax credit.