Thursday, October 20, 2011

Has America gone crazy?

Wind turbines in PA shutdown at night because one bat dies, use of North American crude via a new pipeline (#KeystoneXL) stymied while Middle East ships arrive by the dozens, & US #natgas drilling is threatened by unfounded fears of catastrophic water contamination. C'mon man! Are we TRYING to destroy ourselves? Where's the balance? Have we all gone nuts? Isn't a pipeline safer & cleaner than ships, railcars, & trucks?

Fellow Americans - we must stop listening to critics that offer no feasible alternatives. What does the NY Times and the Baltimore Sun offer as an alternative to Keystone XL? Nothing. Stop listening to them. Stop buying their papers.

Meanwhile there is an cleaner alternative to Keystone XL - install CNG stations on the existing natural gas distribution systems WE ALREADY HAVE. I made a decision after working as a roustabout in the Texas oil field that a natural gas career was much cleaner than an oil career, literally. I drive CNG vehicles now because they are CHEAPER and CLEANER and I don't gag when I'm refueling them from the gasoline fumes.

This country needs "a lot less talk and a lot more action" if we expect to overcome our economic blues. Build the Keystone XL pipeline, drill in the Gulf & the Northeast US, build CNG stations, manufacture more cars that run on CNG & batteries, build wind turbines, keep the modern coal plants running. Cheap energy means high living - why do you think China and the rest of the third world is clamoring for energy supplies? If you are against FEASIBLE & AFFORDABLE energy, then you should give up your lights, your running water (those water pumps require energy...), your TV, & your electronics - then I'll take you at your word.... otherwise, you have another motive that you are trying to keep secret.

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