Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Too busy to blog, but new articles in draft

I continue to "microblog" on Facebook and Twitter from my iPhone - just follow "burnusgas" on those sites for updates.

Upcoming blog articles:
1. All about the CNG Chevy Tahoe
2. Friend's experiences with CNG trucks - James' 2003 F-150, David's 2001 F-150, Stephen's 2005 Chevy, Bill's 2004 F-150 (all of these trucks are OEM with Ford and Chevy service manuals that cover all the CNG components)
3. How you can buy a CNG Tahoe
4. Grand opening of the new Apache CNG station at I-44 & Yale.

I continue to enjoy cheap fuel with the 2010 Honda Civic GX and the 2011 Chevy Tahoe - $1.29 at ONG stations and $1.69 at Tulsa Gas Technologies.  You can see my historical fueling info at

CNG Now has launched a great smartphone app for locating nearby CNG stations.

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