Saturday, April 27, 2013

CNG is contagious in Oklahoma

Why is CNG becoming so popular in Oklahoma?

  1. It's cheap - $0.90 vs $3+ for gasoline.
  2. It's available - check out the 70+ CNG refueling locations in Oklahoma with the CNGnow app
  3. Vehicles are available - Honda Civic, Ford F-250, Chevy 3/4 ton truck, many EPA conversions available.
CNG is a great fuel for our environment - it reduces the smog & ozone causing emissions nearly to zero.  In my Twitter posts, I frequently use the hashtag #greenX2 for CNG because it saves the environment and lots of green cash!

Newest CNG Convert

Mark is the latest convert to CNG.  He lives in Bartlesville & commutes to Tulsa daily.  Look for an upcoming blog post featuring Mark's CNG experience. 

Mark (@moredogs) joins a long list of past converts - James, David (@dbow82), Bill (@CNGInjun), Kim, Tricia, Stephen (@SBMurphey), Isaac, Robert, Reesa... 

Call Michelle at Don Carlton Honda, Mark Sprowls at Joe Marina Honda, Bill Jones at Bob Hurley Ford, or anyone at Joe Cooper Ford, Chris Nikels Dodge, Bill Knight Ford, Matthew Ford - you can drive a CNG truck or car off the lot today. 

BurnUSgas Logo Launched!

The new logo for BurnUSgas, designed by @CNGInjun, was launched this weekend on Twitter & Facebook.  This image looks awesome installed as wallpaper on the 2012 Honda Civic dashboard screen.  @dbow82 is working on a hoodie design - look for that announcement in a future post. 

Coming up

May 24th at Tulsa Drillers Park - the first CNG Civic Homecoming sponsored by Don Carlton Honda. Find out more about the event & register your CNG Civic to attend at