Monday, September 9, 2013

2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas cheaper than gasoline Civic in Oklahoma

Honda continues their promotion of the 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas, even while the 2013 version is now on sale at Don Carlton Honda in Tulsa (which my wife recently purchased).

Very happy to announce that the Free Fuel Card Program for the leftover MY12 Civic CNGs has been extended two months. The program has a new conclusion date of October 31st. Please note, I don't expect the program to be extended again as we have far fewer than 300 Civic CNGs at dealers and at their current sales rate we should be sold out within two months.
So if you've been considering a CNG powered Civic the deals on MY12s have never been better. If you wait much longer you'll be left out.
Thank you.
This Fuel Card discount is $2,000 - distributed as two $1,000 prepaid Visa cards after purchase of the Civic.

How to calculate your net price for Oklahoma

Purchase Price (MSRP in $27k range) minus $2,000 Fuel Card minus $1,000 Oklahoma Natural Gas rebate minus $3,500 Oklahoma income tax credit.  Note that many dealers are discounting the purchase price significantly; reportedly as much as 10 to 20%. It's possible that you could end up owning a new 2012 Honda Civic that runs on $1.00 CNG for significantly less than $20,000, net of the rebates, Fuel Card, and the ONG rebate. 

Which dealers have 2012 Civics? 

Two versions of the 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas
  1. Navigation - typically prices $1,000 over the non-Navi version.
  2. No Navigation - includes all features of the Navigation version except SiriusXM and the navigation.
There are no other features or options to select when buying a natural gas Civic other than color, which is limited to white, silver, charcoal gray, and "cool mist" light blue. 

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  1. Hinderer Honda in Heath, OH has one of their 2012 Navi Civics listed on eBay at

  2. The 2013 Honda Civic now has 0.9% financing and a $1,000 Honda Fuel Card.