Friday, June 20, 2014

Roundtrip Tulsa - Houston for $54

Drove the 2012 Honda Civic to Houston and back this weekend. Spent $54 in fuel and drove a total of 1,020 miles - that's 5.3 cents per mile for fuel.

List of refueling stops for the Tulsa to Houston leg via Dallas (510 miles):

  1. Blue Energy Fuels - Tulsa, OK
  2. Love's Travel Stop - Okemah, OK (because the ONG Okmulgee station does not provide a full fill up needed for the range to reach Dallas)
  3. Clean Energy - Dallas, TX
  4. Love's Travel Stop - Willis, TX
  5. Apache - Houston, TX
For the return trip to Tulsa via Longview, TX (avoiding rush hour traffic in Dallas and wanted to prove that the Civic had the range for the East TX to OK drive - 510 miles): 
  1. Love's Travel Stop - Willis, TX
  2. Independence Fuel Systems - Longview, TX
  3. ONG - Okmulgee, OK (this station works on the return trip because the Civic CNG tank is at low pressure after the run from TX)
  4. Blue Energy Fuels - Tulsa, OK (to get the Civic full to calculate total fuel cost for the trip)
Key learnings: 
  • Love's may be on their way to taking over the c-store market - they are using CNG from their various installations to refuel their tractors that deliver the gasoline and diesel to their c-stores.  
  • SE Oklahoma is in DIRE need of some CNG stations - two great locations would be Durant on Highway 69 and the Hugo area on the south end of the Indian Nation turnpike. 
Here's a map of the stations along the route.